Pure microcrystalline waxes

Microwax in lipsticks

Expert information ...

The Usocore microcrystalline waxes for pharmaceutics and cosmetics conform to the latest international Pharmacopoeia standards, amongst others, the Ph.Eur., USP and JP. They are moreover in conformity with the national purity standards of BP, DAB and the French Codex.

They are also in conformity with directives FDA 21 CFR 172.886 and 21 CFR 178.3710 for the direct contact with foods and USDA H1, the standard for lubricants in the food processing industry.

Additionally, the microcrystalline waxes are in conformity with EC Directive 2002/72/EC-Plastics Directive - reference 95859 and the recommendations from Colipa for foodstuffs and cosmetic applications.

These microwaxes are registered as a food additive under E 905.

Strict compliance with the national and international safety regulations and legislation for microcrystalline waxes is therefore also of paramount importance. 

Only the best waxes survive the rigorous selection criteria. This so that we are sure that we only supply you with those materials which to a high degree satisfy the requirements as set by you.